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Monochrome Summer

9:30:00 AM

This is me every morning trying to figure out what to wear: "Hmmm... Oh that's cute!... wait... the heat index is 106 today.... why is being naked socially unacceptable? Maybe I just won't leave the house until October. Is that an option?"

Harping about the weather is what I spend the majority of my time doing each summer. Somehow, I've lived through thirty years of Louisiana heat and it still shocks me every day. So this is my summer uniform. A short sun dress that can be worn with sandals for running errands and dressed up with cute boots and jewels for a movie date with the hubs.

I found this white number during my weekly Target run and loved the crochet detail on top. And the awesome tote is from there as well! It is soooo big. Just think of all the space for diapers and sippy cups. Oh, the glamorous life I lead....

Dress: Target (Comes in Navy too)
Shoes: Forever 21
Jewelry: Target
Bag: Target

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