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Shoulders Are Always In

9:00:00 AM

Over the last four years and two pregnancies, I managed to gain about 60 pounds. And this past year has been almost entirely devoted to getting back to what feels normal and healthy to me. I've made a lot of progress already, but still have a long way to go. So finding cute clothes that fit and make me feel comfortable is always a bit of a task.

Cut to the other day walking through our shopping mall and this top was screaming at me from the LOFT window. Light, breezy, (loose fitting around the tummy) and with just a pop of flirtation. No matter how you feel about your body, showing some shoulder can definitely spice things up without drawing attention to the places that you think may still be a work in progress.

When, I ran in to grab it, there were only two left in the entire store. And the cashier literally congratulated me on getting "the shirt" before it was all gone. I'm obviously not the only one looking to bare some shoulder this summer!

Shirt: Ann Taylor Loft
Jeans: Target
Pumps: BCBG

1. Gap    2. LuLus   3.ASOS   4.Target   5.MLM Label

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