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Go Comfy with CuddlDuds!

8:49:00 PM

|| Outfit Links ||
Tank, Leggings and Hoodie
: JCPenney

Hey guys! I'm super excited to share this post with you all! I was picked along with a handful of other amazing bloggers to talk about the CuddlDuds clothing line. The concept of the brand is basics and layers! Comfortable, stylish, lightweight and warm. Literally the bread and butter of any good wardrobe. When I first picked out the pieces I wanted to try I assumed that these would be great workout clothes. Leggings, Tank top... that screams "Gym" to me. But, then once I got them and realized how soft and lightweight they are it made perfect sense to rock them in my everyday life too.

I fully intend on wearing these leggings under skirts and dresses with my favorite riding boots now that the weather is cooling off. And I honestly have been living in the tank top and sweater since they arrived. I was actually worried they would look too "lived in" when we took these pictures because I hadn't taken them off in about 24 hours. Oops!

Anyway, enough rambling. You can head
here to check out the rest of the CuddlDuds line. And believe me, you will want to, because they have so much more to offer in styles, colors and prints. (Although, I seriously recommend this tank top. Did I mention it is reversible?)

Oh, and
JC Penney has you covered with a 25% off sale through the 8th! So don't sleep on it. Head that way now. 

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  1. They look so comfortable, I'd be living in them too! Definitely have to check them out!

  2. That looks RIGHT up my alley!! And I love your blog- just followed on Instagram (happilythehicks). :)

  3. I love cuddleduds! I wear them all the time with dresses. They are so soft and comfy.

  4. This outfit looks so comfy but also put together. I love it!

  5. I'm always down for a comfy legging or hoodie ! You look gorgeous !

  6. I love the hoodie! It looks super comfortable!