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Our Last Minute Halloween

9:50:00 PM

Happy Halloween! We somehow magically got the kids home from Trick or Treating just in time for their regular bedtime. Sugar highs included! This past weekend has been a doozy. Jam Packed with all kinds of Halloween festivities! And I am so ready to crawl into bed and pass out!

But before I hit the hay I wanted to share a couple of photos from our evening. Our original intentions were for Hudson to be Bob the Builder and Holland wear the Mini Mouse costume she just HAD to have from Target. Cut to. the fit she threw right before we were about to leave the house and insisted that we take it off of her! So I rummaged through the kids closet and showed her anything and everything that resembled a costume and she chose the cat costume we bought her over a year ago that was sized for a 6 month old. So we cut the feet out. Threw on some ears and voila! Thanks to my husbands genius idea, I went as a "Cat Burglar!" Put together with things I already had lying around the house.

The kids had a blast trick or treating. Holland ventured up a couple of door steps but mainly sat in the wagon and munched on her candy. And I feel like I barely saw Hudson because he was so all over the place having a blast.

I hope you all had an awesome and safe Halloween! Now I guess we're on to Thanksgiving and Christmas. But first.... sleep!

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