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How I Got Motivated Again

9:31:00 PM

Today's post is a little different and slightly off-brand from my usual thing. But, it is not without purpose. I have been so thankful to you for reading and supporting this little project of mine that I thought I might owe you an explanation as to how the blog came about and what exactly I am trying to accomplish with it.

The Question That Started It All

About a year ago, Jamy and I were having a random conversation while driving to who knows where and the question came up: "What one word best describes your personality?" I think Jamy's might have been "Goofy" or something of that nature... But one of the main words that we landed on for me was "Apathetic". How inspiring is that? lol

Since becoming a parent in 2012 I had gone from laid back to lazy. And it showed in my parenting,  my house, my appearance, my relationships and so on. Every aspect of my life was lacking motivation and passion.

And it wasn't until that word "Apathetic" smacked me in the face that I finally realized what was going on. I had lost all my drive and passion for life in the mental fog of parenting toddlers and all the other duties of being a stay at home mom.

After rolling my new personality descriptor around in my head for a few weeks I finally decided to do something about it. Yes, I had been toying around with blogging for a few other websites but nothing was really peaking my interests or getting my creativity flowing. Until I had a conversation with my friend Kassy from Kassyondesign! I realized that she was doing what I wanted to be doing! I've always loved the fashion/lifestyle blogosphere but felt too intimidated to dip my toe in.

"Am I relevant enough?", "Will people judge me?", "Is it too materialistic?"... I had a million reservations that were holding me back. But it was that question of "What word best describes Brittany Comeax?" That finally outweighed every other doubt.

I did not want to be lazy anymore. Letting life pass me by. So I did it. After leaving dinner with Kassy I went home and bought a domain and the rest took off from there.

How It Helped Me 'Own My Tomorrow'

Now, starting a blog about clothes and makeup may not seem too exciting or purposeful to you. And I can completely understand that. But, for me... this became a passion project that helped me get in touch with my pre-mom self. And that inner revitalization spread throughout every aspect of my life. I started enjoying myself again. And thus enjoying the world again. My new found vibrancy is apparent in my relationships with my kids, my work ethic, my health and even in my home making. And if you ask my husband today what one word best describes me he says "Fun Loving". (Literally, he's sitting right here and I just asked him.) Haha, how awesome is that.

So that is why I am pursuing my blog. Because it helped me say goodbye to "Apathetic me".

How Are You Owning Yours?

Have you experienced a moment or hard question like this that helped kick your life in gear and "Own Your Tomorrow"?

Charles Schwab is trying to get conversations and stories like this one out in the open with their #Ownyourtomorrow Campaign.

You can participate by visiting their Own Your Tomorrow Website or sharing your personal Stories on Instagram or Twitter with the #Ownyourtomorrow tag. And together we can inspire each other and those around us to take an active ownership in our lives.

I would HIGHLY suggest you check out the videos on their VIMEO page right now. There are some beautiful and inspiring stories there that show people Owning their tomorrows in grand ways.

Personally I recommend you check out " Chris Yacoubian" 's video. Because it might have made me cry. And the cinematography is breathtaking. Seriously, Stop reading this and go there. Now. You won't regret it!

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story!!! We all need to remember our passion and establish that passion project!!!

  2. Great reminder not to let life pass us by.

  3. love this!! thanks for sharing your story!

  4. How moving! I think the transition to motherhood is often more fraught than we think. It transforms every aspect of your life so completely that after the dust settles, you really do need to pick up a bit of a new identity. I'm glad you found yours. Mine was starting Mamaguru. It fulfilled me in amazing ways. Good luck!

  5. I love this! It can be so hard to not just let life pass you by when you are parenting a baby/toddler. This is such a good reminder!

  6. This is so great! Thanks for your vulnerability! I can relate so much!