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Last Minute Christmas Gifts For Everyone!

11:12:00 PM

This is it, people! The countdown is on and it is go time! If you haven't finished your shopping (like me... I know, I'm the worst) then I have some awesome ideas of items for everyone in your life and most of them are under $40!!

Here's the thing about last minute gifts... if you are less than a week out from Christmas and you still don't a have a present for someone it's probably because you have no idea what they want, right? (Unless you're just lazy like me or rely to heavily on PRIME shipping). Well if you are really truly stumped... then just go generic! There is nothing wrong with generic. Most often people genuinely do just appreciate the thought and if not, then all you have to do is make sure you include that gift receipt.

So below, I have the best and most awesome Generic gifts for everyone in your life.. that may actually make you look like a bomb gift giver in the end. And the majority of these items are currently in stock at Target, Macy's, Nordstrom or available through Amazon Prime! Good Luck!

(QUICK NOTE: If you click on the images and they do not load, try opening the image in a new window. Or you can use the text links below each collage.)

last minute christmas gifts for her

I would personally LOVE everything on this list. Jewelry and Makup gift sets are always super great and easy! A Carry All tote in a classic color is a must for most women's wardrobes... You could make it more festive by packing some Christmas Treats inside. And that Panda thing... is a Face Mask that makes you look like a Panda while you're wearing it!! How adorable and funny is that?!

Last minute gifts for kids

All of these gifts have been personally approved by the Comeaux Children! If you're shopping for a kid and don't know what they are into... Crafty things and building sets are a hit with almost every kid on earth. Seriously. The scooter is an awesome gift for a favorite niece or nephew because it starts out as a sit down ride on scooter then it grows into the standing scooter you see here. And Legos. Every Kids loves Legos. Make sure to buy the kind that come in the storage box so the kids parents won't be cursing your name in the future.


Now, here's the thing about guys. I feel like their relaxed attitude about gifts is actually what makes them so hard to shop for. Most of them don't really know what they want. And would be more than happy with an envelope with cash in it. But, if you want to give them something real with a bow on top, stick with these three things Grooming, Tech, Hobbies. And because the majority of the men in my life are into video games I included this XBOX gift card, which you can literally just print out from Amazon minutes before you show up to Christmas dinner. It's literally the easiest thing ever and something I have resorted to time and time again.

I hope you found this helpful! If you have any other great ideas for last minute gifts let me know in the comments below. Because I still have five people on my list...... Gah, why do I always do this to myself!!!

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  1. I love this post!! Especially the gifts for him section. Shopping for my hubby is always SO difficult, I have no idea why! He would love that beard grooming kit, and I know the drone would be a huge hit haha.

  2. Great round-up of gifts! I love the marble jewelry holder!

    -Clarissa @ The View From Here

  3. I am loving the tassel throw!! And anything from Herschel for the Guys is always a hit!

  4. Everything in this list is perfect! And I want EVERYTHING!!

    Happy Holidays!
    Jasmine /