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What it's Like Getting Free Promotional Product as a Blogger + Mommy Meltdowns

9:39:00 PM

So undoubtedly, one of the top perks of having a blog is getting sent free products to try out and review. In the beginning you do a lot of reaching out on your own and then if you are consistent and make yourself available, companies will start coming to you. Which was the case with today's outfit. The funny thing is you are always taking a gamble on whether or not you will really like what the company wants you to promote and how comfortable you will feel telling your friends and followers that they should give this store or item a chance. Luckily, I haven't had any bad experiences yet. But, the package I received from Almost Famous Clothing last week with this bomber and another item may be my favorite so far! I always have this moment/sigh of relief when I try a promotional item on and realize I like it, but when I tried on this Jacket I was literally grinning ear to ear, excited. Not only did I like it and feel ok sharing it with you all, I LOVED it and couldn't wait to photograph it!

First of all it checks off a few items on the "what's trendy in 2016" check list. Olive Green. Bomber. Shine. But it is really comfortable. The perfect weight for fall (or even a Louisiana winter.) And the green has these really beautiful golden undertones, where it could almost pass off as a brownish neutral shade in certain lighting. 

Just head to Almost Famous Clothing's website for more pieces like this. And I would give them a follow on Insta as well!

“Making the decision to have a child - it is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body. ”  ― Elizabeth Stone

On an unrelated note: Why is my little man getting soooo big?! I have never been a mushy person who laments my kids' aging with each passing year. But something about him turning 4 has really thrown me for a loop. My first baby, isn't my baby anymore. And I can't reconcile it by just having another kid to have an infant around the house, because I want this particular baby to stay little in my arms forever. Each time he learns something new and exciting I have flash forwards to him being a grown man with his own life and I panic a little. You know that Elizabeth Stone quote that says having a kid is like having 'your heart go walking around outside your body.'....? It is so painfully true.

So with that said, I am looking for tips on how to slow down and truly savor moments with each individual kid. I feel like I get so caught up managing two at once that I miss out on my chances to just bask in their little personalities. How do you guys deal with it?

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  1. Sponsorships can always be difficult, I so agree! I LOVE this whole outfit though girl! So gorgeous :)

    xo Kathryn

  2. Sponsorships can be difficult, I'm still working on that part of my blog. You look great in that outfit.

  3. LOVE this bomber jacket! I honestly was never a fan of them but seeing this one on you has me itching to buy one myself!


  4. I love that jacket! It's such a beautiful color, and you're right... Totally in style right now. And your son is adorable!!

  5. Yes! That jacket is totally gorgeous! I love it too! I agree that it's really nice when you can so excitedly endorse something that a company sends you!