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Easy Copper Smokey Eye - Makeup Tutorial

10:49:00 PM

Hey Y'all, Today I'm sharing a super easy makeup look that I did for an impromptu date night last week. I loved it so much and couldn't believe the payoff I got for such little effort. So, I decided to recreate it for you and do my best to snap some pictures.

I used the Too Faced Love Palette that you can grab at Nordstrom's Rack for about Half the price of the MSRP. Or you can always use any other brown and copper shades you like. I tried to link some for you below.
easy beginners makeup tutorial smokey eye

  • I started by Priming my eye lids with the Urban Decay Minor Sin Primer Potion, because it has a super pretty gold shimmer to it.
  • Next I took the matte brown from the palette and blended it all over the crease of my eye and mirrored that on my bottom waterline.
  • I then took a flat eye shadow brush, sprayed it with a setting spray (water works too) and used that to apply the world's most beautiful copper/bronze shade just to my lid and bottom lid. If the brush isn't quite doing it for you, try your finger, sometimes that works better with shimmery shades.
  • I drew on a small wing with the world's best eye liner, Kat Von D's Tattoo liner in Trooper, applied the smallest amount to my bottom lid with a light touch, and smoked it out with a dense eye brush.
  • Followed that up with Too Faced's Better Than Sex Mascara, which gives you an immediate False lash look. And Voila!

I think this would make such a cute makeup look for Valentine's Day. Or any day. You don't really need an excuse for good makeup, ladies. Just rock it.

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  1. This is PERFECT for me, super easy and it will totally compliment my blue eyes! YES!

    1. Oh, Yes! I think copper and blue would look awesome together!

  2. Your tutorials are always so clear and detailed! Thanks for being a real makeup guru for us ;) I'd like to ask you to give me a piece of advice. I've got oily skin, thus oil-free makeup is my top priority, and with that comes the responsibility of prepping my skin beforehand. How to conquer the art of wearing makeup for oily skin? I like the tips listed here: http://www.agsinger.com/how-to-stop-oily-skin-from-ruining-makeup/. What do you think about them?