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How Do You Deal With Worry For Your Children?

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This past weekend we took a little day trip to one of our favorite nearby towns and brought the kids to their favorite park. It's a trip that we make on occasion because the town is so precious and just has a much more quaint feel than Baton Rouge. And every time we leave we end up discussing whether or not we could or should ever just move there. It's gorgeous. Not too far away. Has top rated schools. But we always stop ourselves from dreaming too much about it.

I suspect we each have different reasons why we don't want to leave Baton Rouge. Our family is here. Our church is such a large part of our lives. And for me, I worry too much about Hudson and what a move would be like on him.

Now, here's the thing. He is so young , I think he would make a switch like that just fine and may even like it better over there. But then I think about his precious friendships he's built here and I feel paralyzed with fear. Every single thing I do, I worry about how it's affecting him and his mental/emotional health.

I didn't let him do that thing he wanted, or I gave in and bought him a new toy after I just told him no… am I ruining him? Will he be depressed, spoiled, unable to love or foster close relationships as an adult?!?!? Yes, I know that's a big leap from indulging in toys to a major need for therapy, but that is the real and heavy weight I feel everyday for him. Is that normal?

I have a heavy suspicion that I am just projecting my own childhood experiences on him. But, I'm not sure how to disconnect his life or my parenting from my own experiences.  I just want to wrap up his little heart in bubble wrap.

How do you all deal with it? I'm looking for tips on how to not be so helicopter-y when it comes to their emotions.

In other news... I'm off to indulge in Valentine's candy! Have an awesome weekend, loves!


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  1. It is totally normal for parents to worry! However, I found it really useful to read a CBT self-help book to manage anxiety and practice mindfulness too. I am WAY more chilled now! :-) Katie x

  2. I have just resolved to do my. Eat every day and be fine with that. I too have some of these feelings with all 3 of my kids.

  3. Unfortunately for us we move all the time because of my husband's military career. My son has already gone through 2 moves and he's not even 2 yrs old yet. I know he's little now and so it doesn't have any feeling/emotion on him, but eventually it will. But in your situation with family being so near, I wouldn't move either. Family is the most important thing and especially having grandparents around!

  4. It's so hard not to worry. Its also so hard not to think you're ruining everything. Every day.

  5. I need the answer to your question too, as our little one arrives in three weeks!