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My Top Weight Loss Tools After Baby

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If you wanted to know a fun fact about me, when I was in high school, I weighed a whopping 135 pounds at 6 feet tall. That is rail thin. At least in my book. I danced all through grade school and coasted on my naturally high metabolism. 

My Top Weight Loss Tools After Baby

Then when I turned 17, I started to feel a touch burned out on ballet and a little guilty for the amount of money my family was having to spend on my hobby. So I quit. But, I did not quit eating as if I still had those extra 1,000 calories to burn everyday. 

It wasn't overnight but eventually, I gained about 40 pounds. Now, still I don't qualify that as overweight and I want to make it clear that I'm not complaining about being moderately thin rather than rail thin. 

But, When I looked at myself in pictures I wasn't seeing the person that I thought I looked like. 
There was a disconnect.

So, I hopped on a hardcore exercise and healthy eating plan that had me back down to my high school weight in a matter of a few months. Cut to..... two days after I hit my goal weight, I found out I was pregnant! Oops! (Literally it was an "oops", but that's a story for another time.)

My Top Weight Loss Tools After Baby

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I remember going into one of my second trimester appointments and worrying about the fact that I wasn't gaining any weight. At six months pregnant I had barely gained anything at all, was the kid okay in there? Well, my doctor assured me that the lbs were coming... and did they.

A week before Hudson was born I weighed 198 pounds and it became a joke with my husband and friends that I wanted to hit 200 before he arrived.  So, I did. Although, now looking back, I don't think I had much to say in the matter. I hit 204 with my second pregnancy. I think that is just my number. And that is totally fine.

What's not fine is the emotional discomfort I felt after each kid was born. It took forever to fit into any clothes that I owned. And I refused to buy anything new to fit my larger frame. So, I basically hibernated and self loathed, which led to emotional eating. Which led to a year going by with barely any weight lost. It was a depressing cycle.

My Top Weight Loss Tools After Baby
So if you are in a similar position, I'm here, currently 40 pounds lighter with a few words of advice about losing the baby weight.

First things first. Give yourself grace and time. Your body just performed a miracle. One that many would give anything to experience. Your flabby stomach and boobs and stretch marks are proof that you created life where there was none.

Also, you spent almost an entire year putting that weight on. And it was spurred on by surging hormones. You will not and can not lose it all in two months. (Well, if you can, don't tell me about it because you are un-human.) Give yourself time. Your hormones take months to level out, especially if you breastfeed. You aren't sleeping. You are stressed, possibly depressed. This is not a good environment to care about your weight.

Once you have mastered these two factors, Grace and Time, here are the things that worked best for me after both pregnancies.

1) Log Your Food - I have used weight watcher points and calorie counting. Both of these worked wonders for me. I never paid for a system to do this. There are cheat sheets for weight watchers all over the internet and plenty of calorie counting apps that work wonders.

The one I currently use and absolutely love is the Lose It App. It is free and it has all of the bells and whistles. Literally every food in the world is in the calorie database and it will determine a healthy and effective weekly goal for you.

I've found with points and calories, you really only need to be a hardcore tracker for a couple of weeks. Eventually you start to learn what a days worth of calories looks like without having to ask the app.

2) Join Classes, if you can. I know they aren't cheap. But exercise classes have been amazing for me. I love Barre personally, because it reminds me of my dancing days and I feel like already having the muscle memory helps me really push myself the extra mile.

The class avenue is great for a few reasons. You have accountability with your classmates. You don't have to do any of the thinking or planning, you just show up. It's harder to get bored, than if you are trying it on your own.

3) Jamie Eason - If you can't afford classes, then I would HIGHLY recommend you check out Jamie Eason's programs. The first time I lost all of the weight before the kids I did her Live Fit program. As a person she is awesome, but her exercises and food plans are filled with variety and can be adapted to any level of skill. (She also has a post pregnancy plan!)

4) If you are in to Yoga, I have been obsessed with the Asana Rebel app. It is free unless you pay for the upgraded plan. But, the workouts are broken down into different time intervals and focuses so you can change it up each day. Plus it tells you how many calories you burned during the session so you can go back and plug that into your Lose It App! 

5) CLA Supplements - now this one, I debated back and forth about whether I would mention it. First of all, I am not a doctor.. so do NOT use this on my word alone. Do some research and ask your physician first. I just wanted to share it for the sake of full disclosure.

The controversial thing about CLA, is that there is no real proof that it does anything and it hasn't been FDA approved. So, it may be a placebo affect. Or a coincidence that I am losing weight from all of these other steps and I just happen to be taking CLA at the same time. But, both times that I integrated it into my program were the times I lost the most weight. 

Each one of these five tools have drastically helped me in the past so I wanted to share them with you in hopes that they might help someone other than me.

To finish off, I want to say that I know body image is a tough subject for almost everyone. I hope and pray often that I am not placing my identity in my looks or size. And I pray the same for you. If you are in a healthy state of mind regarding your body then, please, give these tools a try and have fun with them. If you struggle with body image, I would encourage you to look inward first before attempting to lose weight. We are all beautiful and uniquely created by God. So let's go into this weekend fully aware of our worth!


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  1. This is AMAZING!!!!!! You should get a fit bit and join Elizabeth and My app-centric friendship!

  2. Great tips! I logged my food and it helped me so much with the weight loss!

  3. I gained a lot of weight pregnant also and im typically very petite. It does eventually come off but keeping a food log is huge!i havent heard of Jaime Eason, def checking that out!

  4. I can totally relate. Having that weight after giving birth is just depressing. Thanks for the tips. I am now on my way to getting my old self back. :)

  5. I find that classes motivate me so much more than going to the gym on my own. IT really helps to have others around in the same situation. and take it slowly is the best advice - don't try to lose too much too fast

  6. i have never done any cleanses. I think I would 'kill' everyone lol.
    I do like to eat well :)
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