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Youthful and Feminine for Under $30

11:19:00 PM

black and white fur coat, white mini dress with black bow

Hello all! Thank you so much to everyone that showed love to my post yesterday about Love and Marriage! It was very encouraging to hear that so many people could relate and offer more insight and tips for us to consider!

I hope you all had an awesome Valentine's day! I got a couple of small gifts from the fam, but the most notable was probably the plush poop emoji that Hudson picked out for me. As disgusting as I think it is, I honestly cherish it because this is the second time he's taken the reigns on the gift giving front. Sure, the first time, he picked out a Kendra Scott bracelet for me. But, Sometimes all you need is a funny poop shaped pillow to know how much your kid loves you!

quilted celine replica black and white fur coat, white mini dress with black bowblack and white fur coat, white mini dress with black bow

I'm sharing this dress with you all today that I absolutely LOVE! Like, I said on instagram it might be my soul mate in dress form. Cute & flirty with frayed edges. Just like me.... No I'm kidding, I don't go around referring to myself as cute and flirty. But, this dress really is my Fave and it's less than $30 here!

cute and girly mini dress with bow tiecute and girly mini dress with bow tie

fur coat sale black and white

You can find the Coat Here and the Purse Here!

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  1. I can see why it's your favorite. I love the edgyness to it. And very flirty. Suits you well. -Jocelyne from

  2. I saw this on your Instagram & fell in love with it! So flattering on you, & it's affordable! An extra bonus!

  3. It's really cute! Love it! And that coat 😍

  4. Seriously, so stunning. Love that top and crossbody!

  5. I love that outfit!! So pretty!