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5 Reasons I Love My Husband

12:26:00 AM

Holland actually grabbed this ball, posed on it herself, and turned to the camera to yell "Cheese!" It's like she's used to the camera or something?

Showing off his best Power Rangers moves.

Sweater: Similar Here, Shorts: Similar Here, Boots:Similar Here, Bag:Target

LOVE! No this isn't a super late Valentine's post. I have just been staring at these pictures all week and smiling like crazy when I see them. We took these last Saturday, when Hudson asked us if we would take him on a picinic. And it was so sweet we had to do it. So we made a make shift Chic-Fil-A Picnic at our local park, and both of the kids had an absolute blast. 

These pictures bring me so much joy and fill my heart with gratitude! And as I relish in it, I can't help
but realize how much of this is all because of my Husband.

For all of the reasons I love him, these are my top 5:
  1. His love for the Lord. I must put this one first, because I believe it's what guides him and thus guides our family. It's the reason he loves us so selflessly.
  2. His goofiness. Jamy is probably one of the weirdest people I know. And I say that with so much admiration. He talks to himself in made up voices. He dances like an idiot around the house. He will make a complete fool of himself in public for a laugh.
  3. The things he doesn't tell people. There have been numerous times when Jamy has given people on the side of the road rides, bought them lunch, prayed with people, offered the elderly rides to their doctors appointments. He even ran to a woman's defense when he saw a man attacking her in the park, while everyone else just watched. All of these things are wonderful in and of themselves. But, what I love is that he doesn't post it on Facebook. Or tell the whole world. He just does it, because it feels right to him.
  4. His heart for his children. I know there are a lot of wonderful dads out there. But it is such a blessing to see one in action in my own house. My relationship with my own dad was strained. And I praise the Lord for giving the kids Jamy.
  5. His support for me. For Christmas this year Jamy got me a new camera. It was far over our gifting budget. And has been my prized possession, ever since. Not just because it's fun and expensive. But it also represents something much more. The real gift that touched my heart was the letter that came with it. Instead of the typical Hallmark sentiment, he spoke all about my passions and growth and how much he enjoyed watching me follow my dreams. And how he wanted to invest in me and lift me up whenever he could. The camera is a symbol of how he chooses to support me. Not just financially, but mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

    Every single one of these attributes are things I aspire to myself. Love for my Lord, Life, People, My Family and My Spouse. What a wonderful thing it is to have a partner that you truly admire, right?

    Now that you're done listening to me ramble on about my husband;
    What are some of the things you love most about your partner?

The most accurate photo of our lives.

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