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Embroidery For Spring & Tips For Shopping at Shein!

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embroidered summer dree honest review of shein

It's Friday!!! Who's pumped?! Even though it's spring break for the kids and I, I'm so happy to have my husband home for the next couple of days! And I get to party with some of my best girlfriends this Saturday as we celebrate my bestie's upcoming wedding! 

Before I head into that I wanted to post this blog so I could share the details about this adorable dress/top and what I think about the store it comes from, Shein.

embroidered summer dree honest review of shein

embroidered summer dree honest review of shein

embroidered summer dree honest review of shein

embroidered summer dree honest review of shein

embroidered summer dree honest review of shein



How cute is this dress? I'm in love with the embroidery, the colors, the stripes, the ruffles, the high neck and the bows on the sleeves! So many things.
It's a lightweight fabric. And on my 6 foot frame it serves as a super cute mini dress for summer or an adorable shirt to tuck into some shorts. If you're anywhere 5'10 and below this will probably be an average length dress on you.

Now, let's talk about Shein!

First of all, would I recommend you shop at Shein? Yes. That's why I continue to work with them. Because they are a brand that I actually continue to appreciate and wear. 

But with my recommendation come a few caveats. There is an art to shopping at Shein and stores of the like. 

  • Understand the Price and Quality: Shein is a shop that gets you in the moment trends for a fraction of the cost of the designer brands. The quality you get will reflect the price you pay. I would say it's on par with Charlotte Russe or Wet Seal. But, what they have over those brands is their ability to hop on trends fast and get them to you sometimes even before they trickle down to forever 21. They also have a much wider variety of products.
  • Shipping: Shein is located over seas. So you aren't going to get your stuff the next day. Depending on whether or not you chose expedited shipping it can take up to two weeks to get your items as they have to make their way through customs first.
  • Sizing: You always need to check the measurements. This will save you from disappointment, I promise!
  • There is always a discount code. You can sign up for emails here and they will let you know what the latest coupon is.
  • Get to know the models: This is my most useful tip I can offer you. When looking at the website, there will be a button near the product image that says "Model Measurements". By using those I've gotten to know which models are closest to my own body type and size. So when I'm shopping, I can usually tell if something will work for me or not just by which model is wearing it.
  • Invest in a nude bra: You should probably already have one of these because they are so useful. But know that sometimes their fabrics are thin. And it doesn't happen much but, I have received a top once or twice that was a little more translucent than I would like. 

If you follow these guidelines I think you will love the amazing trends and bargains you can find at Shein, just like I do. I've linked some of my favorite pieces from there below! (If you have trouble viewing the pieces try turning off your add blocker or switching to a different browser)

Now, I'm off to enjoy my weekend! Love you guys!


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  1. So many good tips! The measurement part is definitely key! I love Shein but its definitely a hit or miss.


  2. That dress is so cute! I love the details in the embroidery and how different it is.

  3. This is such a cute dress! And I love the tips you gave at the end when shopping with them. Very informative!

  4. That is such a cute dress!

    Belle | www.OneAwesomeMomma.com

  5. I agree! These tips are so good. I'm hitting myself. I've been online shopping for years and didn't think of half of these!

    Also, I looove that dress on you. I don't think it'll look as good on me, though.

  6. Cuteness!! I will have to check them out! Thanks for sharing the insightful tips! Xo