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Grecian Goddess Dress for UNDER $30 !

11:41:00 AM

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Hello, Hello!!! It's rare that I do a post on Saturday, but it has been a crazy couple of weeks!
We finished out school two weeks ago, which always seems overwhelming with the nonstop programs and teachers gifts to buy and so on... (I'm not complaining, I genuinely love that stuff).

Then we were off to Vegas as soon as school let out. I'm talking, left school... dropped the kids... and drove to the airport. So when we finally made it back, all I have wanted to do is sit. And sleep. And get the house in order. And settle into summer life.

I'm planning to do a little Vegas recap soon, but in the meantime here is one of my favorite deals that I've found in a very long time.

The dress is very low cut. in the front and the back. I'm not going to lie, my girlfriends and I were joking all week about how I needed to shoot the "slutty dress" when I got home. But, once I finally put it on... I kind of fell in love.

Do you ever watch movies like Troy or Game of Thrones and find yourself sort of wishing people still walked around in these Grecian cut gowns on the daily? This dress fulfilled all of my throw back royalty dreams. And for under $30!

The straps are a million feet long so you can wrap and tie them however you like.The slit is long and high but the fabrics overlap perfectly so you aren't showing skin when you don't want to. 
You will not be able to wear a bra though, so invest in some petals.

And I think that's all I have to say. I'm obsessed. And if you want to feel like a mythical dream, then don't skip this piece.


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  1. Hope you had fun in Vegas! I love that dress on you! Such a gorgeous color!


  2. So pretty! I love the fabric of the dress and it looks beautiful on you!

  3. This dress looks gorgeous on you - simply radiant! Love the color, too.

  4. This dress is absolutely stunning, lady!

  5. This dress is absolutely stunning, lady!

  6. Wow! What a beautiful dress! It looks gorgeous on you! :)

  7. Wow, this dress looks absolutely gorgeous on you! I love the waist - the details are so pretty. And that necklace goes perfectly with the neckline! Everyone needs a dramatic long dress, right?!

  8. Perfect outfit! You truly look like a goddess!


  9. this dress is absolutely gorgeous and you look stunning!

  10. That dress is gorgeous and such an interesting color!! I totally want to buy one.