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5 Ways to Encourage Dad This Father's Day

9:59:00 AM

Thank you to Skechers for gifting Jamy with these awesome shoes.

Hello, Hello! Summer is here and Father's Day is two weeks away! As I tried to figure out what to put in a Father's Day post, I was a bit at  a loss. My experience with my own dad is a little unique. When he was alive our relationship was strained by addiction, which is a story for another day. But needless to say, Father's Day has always been a little weird for me. 

However, that has made me even more grateful for the man that I married and the father he has become to our kids. By the grace of God, I rest assured that my kids will never have to go through the same experiences as I did in my youth. 


My perspective on the Father/Child relationship has made me extra thankful and appreciative of what it means to be a good Dad. And I truly believe, just as Jamy lifts me up each day, it falls upon me to cheer him on and encourage him in the good work that he does.

So, I've brain stormed a few ways that we can encourage the dad's in our lives below:



Growing up with Disney movies on repeat in our homes, we have become a society that holds romantic love at the penultimate level. And grand gestures have become the expected way to show love. I think this often leaves us neglecting the day to day love that we see, even though it can be a far tougher road to walk, than the occasional grand moment.

Take some time from your day to celebrate the daily love that Dad shows. Going to work every day. Sacrificing alone time/hobbies for his loved ones. Being a listening ear or just a strong set of arms.



Let him know that he is doing a good job. (Even if he isn't all of the time.... ) If you think back to parenting 101, we've been constantly taught to affirm our children's good behavior. And this will encourage them to strive for that affirmation again. 

Adults really aren't too different. When we are told we've done something well, we're more likely to do it again to get that same feeling of affirmation once more. 

That's not to say we should treat our husband's like children or manipulate them into certain behavior patterns. But, we all enjoy being encouraged for the good things we do, and why not give that simple gift to the man raising our children.



If you are a praying person, then I would highly encourage you to make sure you are setting aside time in your prayer life for your husband. Pray for wisdom, guidance and patience as he helps to lead and love your children. 

Just as importantly, I can not say enough what power comes from praying with your husband. Praying with him for your children, for your marriage, and for each other as individuals. There's nothing else that will make you more vulnerable and intimately aware of what your spouse is going through. And it helps you both to feel as though you're on a team. It also opens your eyes to what they are dealing with as a parent and how you can help them to be the best parent they can be. 



I know time is tricky. Especially with  kids. They are demanding. And easy to become obsessed with. But, it's so helpful to make a concerted effort to focus and obsess over Dad at least a few minutes each day. When he gets home from work is a great moment to stop what you're doing and catch up with him. Swap stories about your days. Get connected with him. Let all of the distractions fall to the side for a few minutes. 



Facilitate quality time between your kids and dad. What I mean by that, is if your husband has some free time from work, maybe encourage him to spend that with the kids. Let whatever project you wanted him to work on sit on the back burner and encourage him to engage with the kids. Even if he isn't up for a round of transformers and shopkins, he can involve them in s1omething he is interested in. 

You may have noticed the theme here is pretty simple. Encourage him. Lift him up. Figure out some little things you can do that will help him to be the best Dad he can be. Basically do all of the things that you would also appreciate as a mom. 

The benefits for your children, marriage and family life are infinite. 

BONUS POINTS Spoil them with a nice Father's Day Gift. 


Skecher's sent Jamy a couple pairs of shoes for Father's Day and he has been absolutely loving them. Not to mention, getting non-stop comments on them. You get all the style without sacrificing any comfort. (According to Jamy. He says they feel like walking on memory foam.) You can check them out here and here!

Let me know what things you do to encourage the Dad's in your life!

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  1. I love the idea of "celebrating the mundane". It's definitely important to pay attention to and celebrate the little things! And I actually don't hate the shoes, which I feel like is a surprise considering the brand! x


  2. You have such a beautiful family!!! And I absolutely love those blue shoes you picked out!!


  3. Yes! I so agree with all of these tips. :) The photos are totally gorgeous too!

  4. Love this! It is little things everyday that can make dad feel loved and appreciated!

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