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Add Some Life To Your Style #BeNotBland

10:50:00 PM

Today's post Features the Not Bland Sparkling Ice!! Head here to learn more and read on to hear all about my Boston Trip and why I'm choosing to #BeNotBland this summer!

Hello, Hello! I've been a touch out of the loop this month as we've been traveling a lot for weddings. We actually got home from the most beautiful trip to Boston last night. It was filled with sightseeing, a sunset cruise and getting to watch my best friend marry her best friend.


When we weren't involved in Wedding festivities, Jamy and I walked all over town. We walked the freedom trail, saw Paul Revere's house and did lots of shopping on Newbury Street. I loved getting to walk through history. And see all of the beautiful parks. 

But by far, the hero moment of the trip was celebrating the love birds, surrounded by friends as we cruised through the Boston Harbor at Sunset.

The post wedding, throw on your flip flops, tie up the dress and start partying look.
How Handsome is he?!

One of my favorite things about being on vacation, no matter where we are is the feeling of freedom from my everyday life. Don't you just feel freer to dress however you like when you're away from home.  I spent our last day there with braids in my hair and bright red lips. Things, that I love but shy away from when I'm running errands around Baton Rouge.

But, why? Why do I feel the need to tone myself down when I know I might run in to someone I know? That's such a bland way of living.

I've made a personal goal this summer to start adding more life into my day to day style. Crazy Hair dos...? Why not?! Bright Red Lip to the corner store...? Sure!

These Sunnies for instance... I bought them because I loved them, without realizing they would seem over the top to some people. After owning them for 48 hours I had multiple comments on their size, look and over all extra-ness. But, I love them. So I continue to rock them.


Which brings me to the sponsors of this post and all things 'not bland', Sparkling Ice. The strawberry Kiwi flavor has been a favorite in our house since we got married. So much so, that we now have an Amazon Dash Button devoted solely to Sparkling Ice. One touch of the button and a new case of refreshing goodness shows up on our doorsteps!


But what does Sparkling Ice have to do with Boston or my sense of style, you ask?!

Well, first of all, Boston was unseasonably hot this week so I always had a cold one on hand.

But second and most importantly, I love their #BeNotBland Campaign. Their commercials honestly crack me up. But, I love that they chose a Marketing Campaign that encourages you to be goofy, colorful and loud! To be all things "Not Bland"!


So, what part of your life do you wish was a little less bland and a little more colorful?! Your Wardrobe? Your social life? Your drink choices?!?
Let me know in the comments below!

And head HERE to check out all of the Sparkling Ice Flavors. Be like me an grab that Dash button or Subscribe and save as a Prime member to get 15% OFF Plus FREE Shipping!!

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  1. so cute & love this stuff!!!

  2. Great photos! Makes me want one right now!

  3. Such cute pictures, each one of your pictures are adorable

  4. Very cute pictures and I agree about not living bland! Also you are rocking the off the shoulder trend!!

    The FashionSherlock