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My Summer Skin Care Regimen!! #FreshSummerSkin

7:30:00 AM

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Hey Ladies!! I'm so excited to be sharing this post with you today!

I find that being in your 20s and 30s can be a very hard stage to care for your skin properly. As you're starting to think about anti-aging products you may still be plagued with the occasional breakouts of your youth. Trying to find the balance between treating acne and preventing pre-mature aging can be tricky, especially in the summer time when we're worrying about sun exposure and probably sweating more than usual. But, I've found a routine that works really well for me and I hope that it works well for you too!

Plus I have an amazing deal on my favorite Neutrogena® products for you, when you buy them at Target!

First, lets talk products, then we'll discuss the routine. 

As I've started paying more attention to sun protection and reducing the appearance of aging, I've had a few hits and misses. When you get into sunscreens and wrinkle creams you're often looking at VERY thick and oily products, that for some of us can cause breakouts. So what are our alternatives?

Here are some words that I've become a pro at scoping out in the skincare aisle: Oil-Free, Non-Comedogenic (Doesn't clog pores) and Gel! I've found that if a product advertises one of these terms then it will most likely be a hit for me.

Recently, when I set out to find new skin care items, I went straight to this Neutrogena end cap, right between the skin and hair care aisles.

I've always been a huge fan of Neutrogena skincare. I used the Stress Control line religiously in my twenties. And as a brand they have products to promote healthy looking skin for all skin types. They're also the #1 recommended brand by dermatologists. And if all of that wasn't enough, I was so excited to see that Target is giving a $5 Target GiftCard when you purchase any 3 of the marked products.  

So, I picked up the Hydro Boost Hydrating Cleansing Gel, The Oil-Free Moisture with Sunscreen and the Hydro Boost Water Gel

What I love about these products is that they fit in seamlessly with my other skin care items. And they are all lightweight and oil free. Plus the Hydro Boost cleanser and gel contain Hyaluronic Acid which helps your skin with retaining moisture. Making your skin more supple and your fine lines appear less deep. Major win. 

Now, here is what you do with them...



For my morning routine, I start by cleaning with the Hydro Boost Cleansing Gel and a gentle facial brush. The cleanser feels very light and is the perfect middle ground between the stronger stripping cleaners and the very heavy cleansing creams. 


I follow this with a toner to make sure I've removed every last speck of dirt and oil. Depending on what kind of toner you buy, this can serve as an astringent, a pore refiner or an extra moisturizing step. I personally use the Neutrogena Oil Free Toner. 



Next I apply the Neutrogena Oil Free Moisture with Sunscreen. Since having kids, I find that I'm out in the sun wayyyy more often than I used to be. So I've become more conscious of protecting my skin from UV Rays that accelerate the aging of skin. 

I've played around with a few different SPF products, but I've had a very hard time finding something that doesn't cause breakouts or that can play well with my makeup. After testing this one out for a few days, I've been super pleased. 

It feels very light. Leaves the skin feeling moisturized but not like it's covered in oil. And it works so well under my makeup... I haven't noticed any issues with my foundation application or the lifespan of my makeup look.


For my night time routine, I repeat all of these steps with only a few changes. 


Before Cleansing I remove my makeup. "But doesn't the cleanser do that?" You ask?? Well yes.. it does.. to an extent. By removing as much makeup as possible before washing, you're giving the cleanser the best shot at accomplishing it's purpose and allowing it to get deep into your pores. 


(I love that it has a nice "clean" scent. Nothing perfumy or over poewering.)

Since I'm not sleeping under the sun... I switch the SPF Moisturizer out for my Hydro Boost Water Gel. I've really been loving how this affects my skin. My face immediately feels softer. And I've personally noticed after a few days of use that my skin feels plumper. In a good way. 

I've also found these oil free gel formulas to not break me out as much as heavier night creams.


I also like to use an over night eye cream to help keep that area of my skin moisturized and elastic. Staying on top of that will do wonders for your summer glow and the way your concealer wears and looks on the skin.


Like I mentioned before, being thirty means I still suffer from monthly breakouts, so I always use a spot treatment on any acne I may have, before getting into bed. Personally I prefer Salicylic Acids. But, Benzoyl Peroxide is another common acne treatment.


I'm aware that if you don't already have a skin care routine in place, this could seem like a lot. But, I promise it isn't. And it will do wonders for your skin. If you're lazy like me, you can even keep the Water Gel, eye cream and acne treatments on your night stand to make it more convenient. 

If you are practicing a daily skincare routine but are experiencing breakouts or dryness, I would highly recommend you try out these products. 

Don't forget if you get to your local Target before June 10th, you can take advantage of that Target GiftCard deal! Just look for the Neutrogena End Cap! (The Deal is also available online!)

I really hope this was helpful! 

I would love to hear how you keep your skin looking healthy and glowy in the summer sun!!!  


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  1. Love Neutrogena! I've been using their make up remover for as long as I can remember! I love that you mentioned how odd it can be to care for skin in your 20s/30s, I was literally talking to my sister in law about this!

  2. Love these amazing tips on how you keep your skin looking and feeling fresh! {client}

  3. My husband's favorite facial soap is Neutrogena's basic bar soap -- I'll use it in a pinch too!

  4. i love neutrogena products too!