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Would You Buy Used Makeup?! #MAKEUPMONDAY (VIDEO)

1:26:00 AM

Hello! Do you guys remember when I said I was going to start a new series of posts called #MAKEUPMONDAY ? No?! Oh... I don't blame you. That was forever ago and I'm just now getting my second installment up!

With that said... Welcome to #MAKEUPMONDAY!

Today, I am reviewing an online site called GlamBot that allows you to sell and buy used makeup. Used? Yes. Is that gross?! I don't know.

Here are the Websites Claims about their purchasing and sensitization process:

" Is it safe to apply used makeup?
Glambot's proprietary 5-step authentication and sanitization process guarantees each item is authentic and safe for you to use.

 In what condition is the makeup and other items for sale on your website?
All of our items are pre-owned, but are double-checked for its condition and damage. We specifically look for noticeable scratches, dents or cracks in the makeup's casing. If you are unsatisfied with the condition of any item you receive, please send an email to help@glambot.com and we'll get the problem straightened out right away!"

The Ordering Process:

Glambot's selection is dependent on what you and others are selling to them. So products come and go somewhat quickly. And the range is broad and eclectic. So I enjoy checking the site often to see what new arrivals they have.

When looking at a product, the condition and amount of prodect left will be listed. The price will vary depending on that.

There is almost ALWAYS some sort of discount code/sale going on.

And you can earn glambucks by inviting friends and purchasing/selling, then use those toward your purchase.

What I Ordered

I've enjoyed browsing Glambot for a while now, but I made my first purchase when I saw a brand new Kat Von D Tattoo Liner on their site for $15 which is about $5 cheaper than usual (Plus I had a 30% OFF Code)

After deciding to purchase I threw in a Discontinued Urban Decay Palette and a Color Pop Liner and Shadow.

Is it Worth It?!

Yes & No. If you are only going to purchase products from Glambot that are already reasonably priced like Color Pop, you might as well buy them brand new from the actual company for about the same price.

If you love to collect limited edition makeup like Special MAC lines or want to try out some Luxury brands like YSL without spending an arm and a leg, then Glambot would be perfect for you!!

Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think!

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  1. Wow I never knew this existed. I've thrown out so much makeup too because I tried once and realized it was the wrong color.

    1. Right? I have tons of makeup I've only used a couple of times, just sitting around. I need to collect it all together and see what they would purchase it for!

  2. I totally use used makeup. As a beauty blogger and being friends with other beauty bloggers, I get so much stuff I can't use or will never use (bright, sparkly purple eyeshadow, etc.) I get together with a group of beauty bloggers once a month and we swap stuff. It's great! "Here's my purple sparkly eyeshadow for your red Givenchy lipstick." SCORE!

  3. This is an interesting concept. It sounds like they have some good stuff!

  4. My friend always gives e her makeup if she doesn't like it, so I guess its the same thing and I would totally buy hey, recycle recycle