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DIY Photobooth Gallery Wall (Completely FREE)

1:09:00 AM

d.i.y. photo booth gallery wall art inexpensive free

Today, I'm sharing with you a super simple and practically FREE DIY project to fill up some of the negative space on your walls!

This project was born from a combination of Maternity leave restlessness and a general desire to never spend any money unnecessarily.  We originally had just three photos. The two of Jamy and Hudson you see on the left and one, now discarded, photo of an exhausted (just had a baby) mom. We had all three lined up on one side of our dining room window like a cute little photo booth strip and it was just what we needed.

Now, over a year later... I finally decided it was time to add Holland (poor girl) into the mix and update my old mugshot!

And here is the best part. I did this at home. With my own camera. And my own printer. i.e. It was all free.

d.i.y. photo booth gallery wall art inexpensive free

Our plan is to add a third photo on each wall. One of each of our dogs, because it wouldn't be the complete family without them!

d.i.y. photo booth gallery wall art inexpensive free

If you would like to achieve this same black and white Photo Booth look, here is how to make it happen!

-A White backdrop. (any white wall, or a white poster board will do.)
-A Camera (The higher quality the camera the better, however a lot can be made up for in the editing portion. So even your smart phone will do.)
-Editing Software (Pic Monkey for the computer or Snap Seed or VSCO for the Phone)
-Printer & Printer Paper

d.i.y. photo booth gallery wall art inexpensive free

Line your model up against your white backdrop. Preferably near a window or even outside in the early evening. Difused Daylight is THE best light.

Let your inner photog come out. I preferred an element of silliness with our photos. I like the lightness it brings into our home. Plus it's a great conversation starter when guests come over!

Now it's time to edit! You can use Pic Monkey on your desktop or Snap Seed on your phone.

I cropped our photos to 8 x 10 proportions.

Change the photo to black and white.
From here it's about trial and error to find what look appeals to you best.
I went with a heavy Contrast, Raised the Highlights Level and the Sharpness.

An extra tip: If you find that your photos are grainy... You can use the airbrushing tools to very lightly smooth over the skin of your subject.

Print out your masterpiece.
I simply printed out my photos on regular computer paper. Nothing fancy.
To get around the thinness of the paper, I placed an extra blank sheet of paper behind the photo when framing it.

Frame and Hang!
I used some inexpensive frames we already owned. I told you I didn't want to spend any money! Haha.

d.i.y. photo booth gallery wall art inexpensive free

My next step is to upgrade our frames and of course add the two furry family members in.

I like the black and white mod look we have going on. But, I think I may opt for something a little more natural next time.

d.i.y. photo booth gallery wall art inexpensive freed.i.y. photo booth gallery wall art inexpensive free

And that's all there is to it! I hope you enjoy this fun little project and if you try it out, please let me know how it goes!!!

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d.i.y. photo booth gallery wall art inexpensive free

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  1. This is so cute and I love how inexpensive it was!

  2. Brit I love how this turned out!! SO cute and simple!! I am way over due for updating some of our family photos around the house! Totally inspired now! XO

  3. I totally love this idea. In fact, I've had the idea brewing to do large canvases of goofy "photo booth" style headshots in the near future!

  4. This is such a neat diy way to
    Decorate the house. We have some blank wall space this would be perfect for

  5. That is such a fun idea! The pictures add so much personality to the room. I love that you just printed them on regular paper too. That's so much easier than having to get prints made and picking them up.

  6. Oh this is amazing!! I'm gonna have to try this

  7. Oh I love this idea. We have a blank wall in our house, I bet this would help fill that wall easily

  8. This is a SUPER cute and fun idea! I have a wall that this would work perfectly with! And I love that you can do it all at home!

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