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Raise Love For Ronald McDonald House Charities!

4:16:00 PM

Good morning everyone! I'm so excited to share what we've been up to lately!

So far, it's been a busy week. Filled with lots of school and fall activities. Birthday parties, family road trips, soccer games... It seems like we've finally hit a fun stride with this season of life. Yes, we still have one in diapers but as she grows older and more independent our days together are becoming a lot more fun and eventful.
Amidst all of this growing and excitement something that has been heavy on Jamy and I's heart, is whether or not we are fostering a sense of giving and compassion in the hearts of our kids. We have been blessed so far with no major medical needs or serious financial worries. And we would love for our children to understand that things are not always so carefree for others. We also want them to know that when we are blessed we have opportunities to bless others with what we've been given.

So, as we've looked for ways to teach acts of charity to our children something awesome popped up on our radar. We've come across a wonderful opportunity to raise money for the Ronald McDonald House Charities! RMHC has held a place in my heart since volunteering for one with my high school youth group. And as an adult, we have since had friends who have benefited from their services. So it has proved to be the perfect place for us to donate our efforts.

If you are not familiar with Ronald McDonald House Charities or what they do, I'll give you a quick run down. RMHC works globally to provide a sense of normalcy to families as they deal with the medical needs of a sick child. When parents and siblings need to travel for medical treatment they are given a place to stay and a way to keep their lives as normal as possible. Typically these homes are close to the hospitals where their child is receiving treatment.

While families are encouraged to give small donations when it is feasible they are never charged a fee or required to pay anything for their stay. If you can imagine the financial pressure that can come from taking time off work to be with your child, on top of medical expenses... a free place to stay is a truly wonderful gift. Many of the homes also provide meals and entertainment in the form of game rooms, play equipment and movies.

While McDonald's generously lends to a portion of the overall budget, the majority of RMHC's expenses are paid for by people like us. Which is why we've decided to start a fundraiser for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

RMHC's Raise Love campaign encourages people like you and me to find ways to turn the things we already love into a charitable opportunity. And the whole process is extremely easy with their Fundraiser building site. While discussing all of this with our son and trying to brainstorm ideas of things he loves to do, that people might pledge money for we came up with a fun idea that I think is super cute. And I hope you will too!
Head HERE to read more about how Hudson plans to sing and draw for your donations! And please feel free to donate and share the page with your friends on Facebook!
If you have an idea of a different way to raise money, maybe with a bake sale or a fun run, then head HERE to start your own fundraiser and begin sharing it with your friends! (If you're a teacher you can even make it into a class project!)

Please let me know if you decide to do one and what thing you love that you're planning to raise funds with!!

[Our fundraiser will raise money specifically for a Houston Area location near the Texas Children's Hospital in honor of our friend Penny!]

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