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Your One Stop Shop To Surviving Fall!

5:21:00 PM

Good Afternoon!! How cute it this Ruffle Sweater!

I know I mentioned in a recent post that I had been getting lots of Online shopping done, lately! There are few earthly pleasures more gratifying than a doorstep filled with boxes! haha!

Well, as I mentioned earlier, I thought I would do a fun haul for you of all of the Autumn goodies I've been snatching up at the best prices!

I grabbed all of these products at Walmart.Com for under $70! And when you see it all, you're not going to believe me!

First off, let's talk about the Sweater! I'm obsessed with the ruffle details! It reminds me of some of the high end pieces I've had my eye on recently... but this one was only $12.88! Seriously. Twelve Dollars.

Now, let's talk makeup! Because you know my greatest pleasure in life is shopping for makeup! Haha! That glow on my skin is from one of my favorite beauty pieces from this haul! I got a gorgeous Highlighter for only $4.68! And I've been wearing it everyday since it came in the mail!

I also picked up a great loose powder, a new brush and a super cute eye shadow palette. My total cost for all of the beauty products was only $34!

Next in the Walmart haul is some home decor! I love theme-ing out my house for holidays! And if you've ever been to my place.. My interior aesthetic is  like... white on top of white. (If I could just live in a completely white house with white furniture I would be ecstatic... but that's another story.) Needless to say, I had to pick up these gorgeous white and gold pumpkins for my console and dining room table! And I got two of them for under $8! Technically they are "Soup Bowls" but to be honest, mine are filled with chocolate.

Finally I had to grab something for the kids.. I got Hudson an accessory for his Halloween costume! And Holland some crayons. 

Also, not pictured are the worlds most comfortable pair of black joggers which are currently on my legs! Haha!

So, All in all I got:
2 Awesome Pieces of Clothing
2 Pumpkin Bowls
4 Makeup Items
2 Toys for the Kids

For less than $70!

If you have some fall essentials to knock off your shopping list, then you should check out and see just how much you can save! And Let me know what you grab in the comment section below!

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