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Halloween: Not Your Average Princess

12:11:00 AM

Happy Halloween! Or day after Halloween, depending on when you're reading this! We had such a fun night trick or treating with our family so I wanted to share some photos of all of the fun. I'm always down for a Family Halloween costume. But trying to nail down a theme that a 4 year old boy and a 2 year old girl can agree on is tough. So Holland and I teamed up for a Mommy & Daughter costume while Jamy & Hud had a little transformers fun!

The idea for Holland's costume was born from the way she plays with her big brother. She is princess obsessed, specifically, Cinderella. But she loves any chance she gets to play with and be like Hud. So while Hudson will play super heros and bust into a room with the loud introduction of "I'm SUPERMAN!" Holland will immediately follow suit with "And I'm RELLA" And that is how Super 'RELLA was born!

I let her pick out her favorite Cinderella dress from Amazon and then ordered this cape. I grabbed some iron on letters from Hobby Lobby and Super 'Rella was a reality. I decided to go as her Fairy Godmother!

I love this costume so much, because it's the perfect way to be. A Princess with attitude. Growing up with no sisters and an older brother, I've always been drawn to super heroes and comics. But you can probably tell, that I still love some glam. Holland's Super Rella costume reminds me of that feeling. Being a girly girl that doesn't always fit into the typical "girl" mold.

Hudson went through about fifty costume changes before he finally settled on Side Swipe from Transformers. Luckily, we had a few things laying around already to throw together an Optimus Prime costume for Jamy. 

Now, I'm off to bed. How many of you are going to be taking advantage of the post Halloween sales this week?! It's my favorite time to stock up on costumes for dress up play and decorations for the next year!


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  1. OMG so perfect!! You all look so amazing!!!

  2. You look so cute! I love this costume and that you added rhinestones on your face. Happy Halloween!