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Super Easy Parmesan Hash Brown Cups

9:54:00 PM

Hey Y'all! I'm just popping in really quick to share a quick little hack I just discovered. To be completely honest, I've probably been living under a rock. But, Simply Potatoes® Shredded Hash Browns has given me another way to simplify dinner time without sacrificing real ingredients.

I've personally gotten in such a dinner rut lately. Protein. Veggie. Rice. That's been on repeat forever. So like any other self respecting mom that's feeling stuck, I went to Pinterest for help! While looking up potato dishes I found tons of hash brown recipe variations that looked delicious. So when I headed to the store to buy potatoes I ended up grabbing these pre-shredded hash browns by Simply Potatoes. And I'm glad I did, because they saved me about a million hours. (Slight exaggeration.)

I decided to start simple with ingredients I always have around the house. That way if I liked the finished product I would always be able to remake it. 

I combined the Simply Potatoes Shredded Hash Browns in a bowl with shredded Parmesan, chopped green onions, chopped Canadian bacon and olive oil, salt / pepper to taste. 

Then I filled up my muffin tin and baked them at 350 degrees for roughly 40 minutes, when they began to look golden brown. 

Overall, I'm so impressed with how they turned out and super excited to try some different variations of the recipe. Now, that I've conquered my dinner rut, I think I'll start playing with breakfast. I'm thinking I'll add some egg and bell pepper into the mix! 

If you're in a rut like me, there are TONS of delicious Potato recipes HERE that you can try! 

Also, can I just say while I was on the site looking up recipe ideas, I learned that Simply Potatoes donates leftover skins to local farmers to use for animal feed! How amazing is that?!

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