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My New Years Resolutions: Money, Health and SLEEP!

10:56:00 PM

This past month we were blessed with a rare Louisiana Snow Storm! It's something that only happens every few years and it's typically more like dirty ice on the ground. This year, however, was magical! I'm talking about actual huge snow flakes falling from the sky for an entire morning. Leaving a fresh blanket of white everywhere you looked.

Naturally, we jumped out of bed. Woke up the kids and ran to the park next door, to play. It was Holland's first time seeing snow. And Hudson's first time having a proper snowball fight. It did my heart a world of good, to have those moments of care free laughter with the people I love most.

Right before the snow fall, I was coming off of a rough week, both mentally and physically. Waking up that Friday to a fresh white landscape and the sounds of my kids laughing was a gift from above. And it was exactly what I needed to put my mind and heart at peace.

Now that 2018 is around the corner, I want to view the new year as a blank slate like that snow covered field. And I thought, why not blog about some of the changes I would like to make, in order to keep myself accountable. You know... because once I broadcast it to the world, I can't give up on it quite so easily? At least, I hope not.

So here we go:
I want to sleep! Oh, I could honestly just scream that from the mountain tops. As I mentioned in my last post about anxiety, I stay up very late most nights in order to spend quality time with my husband and quiet time with myself and God. I really want to start prioritizing and managing my time better. Aiming for quality over quantity. Instead of spending 30 minutes with Jamy trying to figure out what we want to watch on netflix, I'd like to take that time to have a meaningful conversation. (Or really, any kind of conversation that isn't about kids.) Hopefully, by focusing on shorter, higher quality moments I'll be able to get to sleep earlier.

Exercise: Not so much for the sake of losing weight. But, mainly to help with my overall mood and state of mind. When I'm consistent with work out schedule I feel better, my anxiety stays at bay longer and honestly, I usually eat better when I'm working out. The problem is that when I exercise, I want to be at the gym lifting weights or taking a barre class. But getting to the gym with the kids and staying for a whole hour, doesn't work easily into my schedule. So, I want to start cutting out 15-30 minutes of my day for a quick yoga flow or walk around the neighborhood. This way I'm consistently getting my heart rate up and relaxing my mind, even if I'm not burning tons of calories.

Tithing: I really want to do a major overhaul on my relationship with money and material items. I find that when I focus too much on shopping, acquiring more stuff and making money, I tend to feel a little empty inside. Like when Jesus said, 'you can't serve two masters.. you will love one and hate the other'. That truth has become so evident to me over the last year. When I was recently reading some of the footnotes in my bible there was a line about freeing yourself from the power money has over you and that the best way to do that, is by giving it away. The next day I started working out ways to tithe the money I make from this blog and I felt an immediate sense of relief. By intentionally giving it away I'm acknowledging that it has no power over me. That instead it's a gift from the Lord that I'm to share with others who need it more than I do.

Vacations: I want to force my husband to take at least one legitimate vacation this year! Because I think we all really need one right about now!

And that's the bulk of it. I also want to start paying more attention to the ingredients in my foods and fostering my creative side. But, those first four things are what I really have my mind and heart set on.

What are your resolutions in the new year? I would love to hear them!

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