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A Healthy Way to Satisfy My Sweet Tooth (+ Protein To Keep Me Going Longer)

1:26:00 PM

We're another week into 2018 and I'm still somehow doing pretty well with my resolutions. Who would have thought?! (Certainly not me.) One of my resolutions was to watch my diet. Not necessarily to lose weight, but to make sure I was giving my body and mind what it needs and not too much of what it doesn't. (I touched on this recently in my posts about anxiety.) One of my biggest enemies in the fight to stay healthy is my pesky sweet tooth!

You may be thinking to yourself.. "Me too, girl"... But, when I say I have a sweet tooth. I'm talking about eating chocolate until I literally make myself sick. Don't ask me why. I've been this way since childhood. The love for sweets is unreal.

So, as I try to cut back on sugar and caffeine in my daily life I've been snooping around the grocery stores looking for a suitable sweet snacking alternative. Cut to: Danon Oikos Protein.

I've always been a fan of yogurt with toppings. During my first pregnancy I had a particular obsession with the frozen variety. But, Oikos Protein is like the healthy version of that. There are no artificial sweeteners. Plus it's packed with protein and fiber to keep you feeling satisfied, longer. I've been throwing four or five of these in my grocery cart each week and eating one when I get home from work. It's the perfect afternoon pick me up and a nice little reward for a long day.

There are four different yogurt and topping combinations available in your Wal Mart dairy aisle, right now. And they are only a $1 a piece. There is no better deal out there. Plus, if you are an Ibotta User (Ibotta earns you cash when you buy things you already need) You can earn .75 cents back when you buy two. I'll give you a second to do that math....

So far my favorite flavor is the Banana Yogurt with Cocoa! Have you tried Oikos Protein yet? Let me know which one is your favorite! And don't forget to use this offer on your next trip to Wal Mart!

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  1. I'm honestly not much of a yogurt person, but I honestly still want to try!