I've Been A Mom For 5 Years! (And I STILL Don't Know What I'm Doing.) - Brittany Comeaux
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I've Been A Mom For 5 Years! (And I STILL Don't Know What I'm Doing.)

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When I was in my early 20's my life plan was to get married around 27, Buy a nice house and start having kids at 30. What actually happened was a wedding at 25 and a surprise pregnancy/baby at 26. I'd bet about half of you will think 26 is a perfectly acceptable age to start a family and the other half probably think one can barely take care of themselves at 26, let alone another human life. I was of the latter group.

When I was 25, Jamy and I had only been dating a year. We were enjoying a life with no major responsibilities. We each made good money and loved spending it on a good time. Most nights we were up until 3:00 AM partying with our friends or binging on Netflix and Jimmy Johns. With no worries about having to be up at a certain time.

Then, one day, I was walking out the door to head to my job and I got a phone call from my doctor. She wanted to let me know that a pregnancy test I had taken earlier that day came back positive. I, truthfully, fell to my knees and started balling my eyes out. I don't even remember what my doctor (Or I) said past the word "Pregnancy". I was crying for a lot of reasons. But the main one being that my life and Jamy's life was about to change forever and we were NOT prepared.

Today, as I'm typing this, the memory is so fuzzy and almost completely washed over by the last five and a half years. We now have a second child who will be three next month and the product of that first surprise pregnancy just enrolled in Kindergarten. I would like to say that the last five years have made me a pro at mom life. But, I still feel exactly the same as I did at 26. Unprepared and too immature for such a task. The only difference is that I'm not afraid anymore.

When Hudson was born, I had no idea how to change diapers, breast feed, potty train, wean, discipline... anything. If you can think of any act of motherhood outside of loving... I guarantee you I didn't know the first thing about how to do it. Yet, it still happened somehow. With Google, Jamy and God there's nothing that I didn't eventually figure out. (Mothers and Mother in Laws are a great resource as well.) And miraculously, Hudson survived it all. Thrived, Even. He's alive, healthy, kind and smart. Even though I was a dumb 26 year old party girl that didn't know how to work a breast pump or install a car seat.

SO I guess the whole reason I am writing this is because now as we embark on a new chapter of grade school, I look ahead with complete ignorance, just like I did five years ago. But, when I look in the rear view mirror, I see how my inexperience really didn't matter. And I want to remind myself of that as we go forward.

None of us know what we're doing... (Right?.... I hope it's not just me...) But we're still all making it one day at a time. And most importantly even when we screw up our kids don't truly know or care.

In honor of my five year old surprise, here are five fun facts about the love of my life;

- Hudson is super sensitive. His heart gets hurt very easily which is a blessing and a curse. While he gets hurt easily, he is also tender hearted and kind to others.

- He's the goofiest kid ever. During his basketball games he spends his time dancing and laughing when he's not chasing after the ball.

- He is extremely good at building things and figuring out puzzles. I think part of this comes from his lifelong obsession with transformers. (I can barely figure those things out.)

- Since he has never had a lovey, for comfort he plays with the wash and care tags on the inside of his shirt. And won't wear a shirt if it doesn't have a "Hudson Approved Tag"

- His favorite songs are "Who Let the Dogs Out", "The River" (A Worship Song) and a German Dance track called "Eins Zwei Polizei" (Don't ask). 

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