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Anxiety Update (What's Working & What's Not)

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It's been a few weeks since I last wrote about my struggles with anxiety and panic attacks. And I thought for those of you that may be interested I would do a quick update. If no one's interested, then this will just be a little outlet for me to write what I'm thinking and I'll catch y'all in the next post! haha.

For the last six months I've had anywhere from a mild to a severe panic attack, every month. These attacks and the effects could last anywhere from 30 minutes to 48 hours. So far, January is the first month that I haven't experienced one in a very long time.

The first things I decided to change and the first things that began to help were changes in my sleep, diet and time management.
I completely cut out coffee and soda for the entire month. I'm now back to about 4 cups of coffee a week. But that seems to be a sustainable amount of caffeine for me.
I also cut out alcohol. So far only two beers this entire month.
I do my best to go to bed earlier.
And I spend my evening free time in the word and prayer, rather than listening to My Favorite Murder. (Truthfully, cutting out true crime stuff was harder than the caffeine.)

Caffeine, Sugar, Alcohol and Fatigue are all well known anxiety causing factors.
Also, the media we intake, whether it be social or crime dramas, has an effect on our nerves and Psyche even though we may not realize it.

The word in Phil 4:8 has become a great tool to filter my thoughts and hobbies through.

Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

If whatever I'm thinking about, listening to, or watching doesn't meet these requirements, then I try to cut it out.


I have cut back on sponsored opportunities and put more focus into content that is solely produced because I feel like putting it out there. The decline in deadlines and demands has given me a lot of relief and taken off any element of stress that I had associated with this space.

Reading the bible every night has been a huge help in calming my soul. It also helps me to reconnect with God each day and focus on what is true about my life and my mind.

I listen to my favorite praise and worship music in the evenings while I prepare dinner and do the dishes. this helps me to wind down and relax a bit, rather than feel stressed about the day.

I tore through this Max Lucado book, Anxious For Nothing.

It's an extremely easy read. And while it focuses more on daily stresses and not so much on my particular brand of neurosis, it is still filled to the brim with reminders of God's love and how anxiety was not meant for us.

I made some adjustments to my daily medications which have been a big help. (We adjusted birth control and anxiety drugs)

I see a Christian Counselor once a month. I've always been a big fan of therapy. But sitting with a therapist that is also a Christian is a huge help. My faith is what shapes my world view and how I see my place in it. So when trying to figure out my life, it only makes sense to include God.

Trying to take control of my anxiety. When things start to get a little crazy in my head, I immediately start to work through what I'm thinking and why it's making me feel anxious. But, it has become a bit of a problem, when the same thought keeps popping up over and over again. I find myself trying to repress it so hard that I don't even realize my chest is tightening and I'm clenching my jaw. Essentially I'm just working myself up.

Yes, I still think it's good when I acknowledge a thought and walk it through Phil 4:8 filter. But once, I've done that a couple of times for the same thought it begins to stress me out even more that I can't stop thinking about it.

There is a chapter in Lucado's book, where he talks about the fact that Jesus has already overcome the world, including our fear. So why not rest in that fact and allow him to be in control. It is in essence to "let go and let God". But he puts it as letting Jesus answer the door, when anxious thoughts come knocking. It's silly, but literally thinking "Jesus, can you get that", has been a helpful little mantra for me, when I'm having trouble dropping something.

And that's the jist of it, right now. I'll continue to check back in here when things change or when I find something new and helpful! Let me know if you have any good tips or experience with this stuff!

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