Dear Husband, This Is What I Want For Valentine's Day.... (Real Talk + Gift Guide) - Brittany Comeaux
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Dear Husband, This Is What I Want For Valentine's Day.... (Real Talk + Gift Guide)

11:29:00 AM

Dear Jamy (and anyone else reading this),

For this Valentine's Day, I would like to feel 25 again. So far, 31 has been amazing. And the 6 years between then and now have brought more joy than I could have ever imagined. But, the older our youngest kid gets the more my "New Mom Fog" is beginning to lift from my brain.

I'm no longer sleep deprived (well not as much as I used to be).  I can comfortably fit into most of my clothes again. And I feel like my personality is starting to come back.

So this February, I would love nothing more than to ship the kids off to a grandparent and pretend to be a careless 20 something again.

Here is your checklist to help facilitate this dream night for your wife:

- Lock Down a Babysitter

- Give me two hours to waste in front of my mirror with a curling iron and lipstick.
- Let's pre-game a bit. (Perhaps a beer or two before we head out.)
- Buy movie tickets to something that doesn't have talking animals in it.
- Grab some margaritas from a questionable whole in the wall

- Sing (Scream) at the top of our lungs to a a song no one under 20 knows.

- Grab Taco Bell in the early hours of the morning

- Stay up late watching something with talking animals in it. But like... on Adult Swim.
- Regret the Taco Bell
- Pass Out
-Wake me up at 10
- Take me out for doughnutsI'm absolutely positive that there is no better Valentine's gift than this. Followed by a warm welcome back to real life from the kiddos!

However...... if you insisted on buying me something, I'll settle for any of these:


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  1. Haha that sounds like a great way to spend valentines day! Hope you have a great one!