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My Favorite Hairstyle

9:14:00 PM

Ever since College, I have longed for wavy, beachy hair. (Hence my recent foray into the blonde world.) And over the last decade I've come up with various methods of achieving that style. There was that time when I would SOAK my hair in hair spray before curling it. Or when I would sleep with it tied into a million little buns (very uncomfortable). And I've tried every kind of curling tool possible, marcel irons, diffusers, curling wands... you name it.

But over the last year or two, I've realized that the look I've been killing myself for, was actually staring back at me in the mirror the morning after I curled my hair. The 'Second Day Curl' is me in a hairstyle.

My  current way to get the look is by curling my hair with a strong hairspray and then brushing through the curls after giving them just a few minutes to cool down. If I find that I need to add a little more dimension back into the look, then I will use a texturizing agent and scrunch up the ends a bit.

[I use to use my husband's SUPER stiff hairspray when doing this and it was absolutely gorgeous until I got to the 'brushing' step. Breaking up that spray with a brush would leave a white residue all over my hair that looked like dandruff. Insert disgusted emoji here.]

My hair is very thin... but still very heavy because there is SO much of it. And I've found this has always made it difficult for my hair to hold a curl.

With that said, my ideal hairspray is something powerful enough for the weight of my hair but light enough not to weigh down my thin strands. So when I was asked to try out TRESemme's new compressed micro missed hair sprays I was obviously intrigued.


-They use superfine micro-mist particles that penetrate through the top layer of hair, providing deeper coverage.

-The new thinner cans result in a more targeted, efficient spray that comes out softer for a light and flexible hold.

-The mist uses 50% less gas per spray than other 11-ounce cans and the smaller cans contribute to a  reduction in CO2. So you can feel better about your impact on the environment.


-Thoroughly wash and dry hair with a small amount of volumizing mousse.
-Seperate hair into large sections and curl in 2 inch segments.
-Before moving from one of the larger sections to the next, lightly mist that section with TRESemme's Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Extend
-When the hair is completely curled, comb through with your fingers or a wide toothed comb.
- Spray an all over light mist of TRESemm√© Compressed Micro Mist Hairspray Texture
- Gently scrunch your curls in an upward motion for a beachier vibe.


-After curling each strand, hold the hair in the curled position for a second while it cools down. This will help to set the curl better
-Always curl the sections near your face back and away from you, to open up your face.
-Alternate the Curling direction through the rest of your hair to give a more tousled look.

The New Micro Mist line also has a BOOST and a SMOOTH option for a total of four different styling needs. And you can find them all at your Local Wal Mart in the hair care aisle!

Let me know if you try them.

Also, I would love to know what is your Favorite hairstyle?! Tell me in the comments below! And I'll see you next week! 


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