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What's Your Daily Uniform?! (Go To Wardrobe Basics)

9:59:00 PM

Something I've been thinking a lot about, in terms of fashion, is how much my Daily uniform has changed over the last couple of years. My go to used to be short shorts, an oversized top and flip flops. Boots when I felt sassy.

I don't know if it's turning 30 or the changes kid number two inflicted on my body, but my new go to look is a little more of a put together soccer mom (who's totally not put together). So, I made a collection of my favorite day to day pieces. 

I'm a big fan of button downs tucked into a cute pair of jeans with a nice belt. Or a pair of leather leggings with a tunic and booties (sneakers for more casual days.) And then I love to pull it all together with simple accents of gold jewelry. Think delicate necklaces and bracelets.

To shop the pieces in this collage, just click on them. To see my full list of favorites, click HERE!

A lot of these pieces from my Favorites list are on sale right now. You'll definitely want to check out that white blouse on the top right. It's probably my most complimented piece of clothing. 

Now, I'm off to hit the hay! I hope your all having a great week! 


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