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Swimsuits For Every Body Type

11:25:00 PM

I'm not sure why I'm doing a post about swimwear when it feels likes December outside. But, here we are. Mother Nature is a moody lady.

If you saw my Instagram post this week, then you know all about my new suit and why I'm so obsessed with it. Being 31 and having made a couple of humans I've had to get a lot more strategic about how I dress my body. My hips are bigger. My lower abdomen is slouchy. And lack of free time for the gym has left me with some jiggle in my arms and rolls in my back that were never there before. But, that's life! Then this super cute suit enters the scene! The ruffled sleeves drape perfectly across my back rolls and cover up my arm jiggle just perfectly. (Sexy, I know!)

I've also been loving this romper lately as a swim cover up. The cut outs add a touch of flirt without being too immodest. And the triangular shape of the top balances out my wider hips. Plus it comes in a Tall length which is almost impossible to find in the world of rompers!


So, below I thought I would share some of my favorite suits for every body type. And why not start off with my own first... a good ole' Pear! lol

The best way to dress a Pear shaped body like your's truly is to provide covering for you derriere while balancing out your shape with a bit of a statement top. This also works great to draw the eyes upward rather than down.

I think dressing a Busty top is objective, depending on whether or not you want to draw attention to the girls with a attention grabbing or low cut top. But, comfort is the big key here. That's wear Underwire and thicker straps come in. A suit with a higher back can also provide extra support.

Emphasizing your curves and still feeling covered is easier to do than ever with High Waist suits coming back in style. If you're not a bikini girl, try out a belted suit or some color blocking to add the look of a cinched waist.

ATHLETIC:Similar to dressing a curvy body, where you would emphasize curves for an athletic one you can add the illusion of a curvier physique using a lot of the same tricks. Mono-kinis and belted waists are great. You can also add an embellished top for more volume in the bust!

Ruching is your friend! I have many a suit with ruching to camouflage my mommy tummy and it works wonders. Shapewear suits are ah-mah-zing too! Think spanx for the pool!

I hope these picks helped with your summer shopping a little. Or at least provided some inspo! I would love to know what suit style you're obsessing over and which ones work best for your body!

Here's hoping swimsuit weather comes back around ASAP!

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  1. I made a similar post for swim suit season! love your picks!