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My Morning Routine : 2018

9:18:00 PM

This post is sponsored by Left Field Farms, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

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It's finally Friday and I'm sitting at home in my sweats. While the kids and Jamy are watching the basketball game, I decided to hop on here and check in with you guys! I guess this is what weekends in your thirties look like! 😂

If you are one of my Insta friends, then you probably know we moved in with my mom recently! What's meant to be an interim housing situation has it's perks and set backs. The kids have been in heaven with Nana's home made pancakes every morning. And our dinners have been a million times more nutritious. But, with three adults and two young kids, alone time is scarce and morning routines are getting a little bit of tweaking. 

Previously, I would wake up, quickly get the kids ready and then spend thirty minutes or so at my Vanity. I would use this time to mentally prep for the day, relaxing with my makeup and listening to sermons or podcasts. But, I don't have a vanity (or even any designated "Brittany" space anymore) so things look pretty different now.

FIRST THINGS FIRST: COFFEEOne of the perks of living at mom's is the coffee is already brewed when I wake up. So the only thing holding me back from my caffeine is the 30 seconds it takes to grab a cup and pour in the creamer!

I'll pause for a few seconds here to check emails and social media. Then it's off to the kids' room to start getting them dressed and groomed for school.

MY REFLECTION TIME IS NOW MINIMAL MAKEUP APPLIED OVER THE BATHROOM SINK:Once the kids are dressed Nana takes over with pancake duty and I head to the bathroom for some quick skincare and makeup.

Morning Skincare:

For my quick Makeup Routine check out this video!

With a less inviting place to do my morning routine, I find myself spending less time getting ready which then gives me a few minutes to settle my heart and mind for the day ahead. So, I take those minutes and my coffee to go. It's not quite the same as being alone at my desk, but being on the road with my favorite worship music and the sounds of my sweet kids singing along, is a close second.

All of this is still a work in progress and I'm toying with the idea of waking up earlier so I can have the house to myself... but sleep is precious... so we'll see. If you have any pro tip secrets for how to keep your mornings productive but still relaxed, I would love to know them!

P.S. None of this would be possible without my morning coffee! (Jk... sort of 😉) So, I'm super excited to share my favorite Coffee Creamer with you all again! Check out this post to see some of my favorite ways to use it!

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  1. I'll have to try! Mornings are always the hardest for me since I never want to wake up ahah!