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Want It Wednesday: Summer Fashion Dupes

5:40:00 PM

Happy Hump Day! Not only are we half way through the week, but we are two days away from the beach and 5 school days away from Summer! That's a lot to look forward to and I've been feeling all of the summer vibes!

Unfortunately, I don't have infinite dollars to spend on everything I want for a heat friendly wardrobe, so I've been on the lookout for dupes wherever I can find them! As of now, the only item on my list that I can't find a cheaper version of is this pair of Marc Fischer Sandals... so if you see anything similar, let me know!
For everything else; I threw together this little info-graphic. If you want to check out any of the pieces just click on the Pictures!

Are there any designer pieces that you have your eye on? I'm happy and willing to do a little dupe hunting!

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