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How I'm Avoiding Mom Brain

6:22:00 PM

This post is sponsored by Zynga, but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Our life has been in a state of flux for the last few months. We have a lot of major life changes happening right now. As most of you know we are currently living with my mom while we house hunt. It's been a good transition, but also one that has made me feel a little brain dead. I've been missing deadlines and social dates left and right. And I feel like my brain may be stuck in a state of chaos until we get back into a normal routine with a space of our own.

But you don't have to be in between homes to feel chaotic. Just being a mom is enough to make your head feel foggy and overwhelmed. So I thought I would share some tips and tricks to keep your brain sharp!


It's getting close to that time of year when I invest in a new planner and organizational tools galore! While my heightened since of organization usually lasts for a couple of months. Studies have shown if you utilize tools to organize the mundane things in your life, i.e. appointment dates, where your keys are, etc., you can devote more mental energy to the important things.


Have you noticed that the further removed you are from your school days the less sharp you feel? I swear I was pretty bright back in high school! Well, actively learning new skills helps to maintain brain cells.


Being a mom, especially if you are a SAHM, it can be hard to keep up with your social life. Believe me, this is not an area, I excel in . But, staying present in the world outside your home/kids is an important part to keeping up your mental and emotional energy. Mommy and me groups are great for this kind of interaction. But, groups with a focus on learning or studying something are even better. I've personally benefited from the women's bible studies at our church. I get the social connections that I desire and use the time to learn and think deeper than diapers and toys.


Just like taking notes in high school, when you learn new things, they'll stick better if you repeat them aloud or write them down. I've been keeping a journal with me in my car the last few months, so when I make a new discovery in my counseling sessions or bible study, I can write it down while it's fresh on my mind.

I've always loved completing the puzzles in the newspaper or crosswords in the back of a magazine. Even in my college days I preferred trivia night at the local bar over a night out dancing. So, I love to pop out my phone after the kids are in bed for a little word action with Words With Friends 2.

Jamy and I love playing WWF2 because it's a quick and easy way to interact with our friends in other states or with each other throughout the day!

Other great tips to help your brain stay fit are to keep your body active and diet healthy! Easier said than done, but I figured it was worth mentioning!

So, if you've been feeling in the mental doldrums lately, I hope some of these tips will be helpful! Get out there, buy a planner, join a class and download WWF2 HERE!

Let me know what other tips you have to stay on top of it through Motherhood, in the comments. And come find me on WWF2 (username: Bcanfield11)

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