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Treat The Whole Family This Back-To-School Season

6:36:00 AM

Hey Y’all! It’s good to finally be back into the swing of things with the blog and my day job. It gives me a sense of normalcy while we go through our whole house hunting situation. Both of the kids are officially back in school and I am finally back at work. For those of you that didn’t know, I take care of the sweetest babies at my Church’s MDO during the week. And funnily, enough caring, for 9 babies feels like a welcomed break from parenting my own two munchkins all Summer. (Is that awful? Haha). It’s mainly nice to get out of the house and have a routine. Plus, I have awesome co workers and who doesn’t love to cuddle babies?

As the weekend approaches, I’ll be honest though.. We’re all needing a little release. Hudson is having to adjust to real school hours for the first time. (Which he says are “very long”.) And Holland is busy mastering big kid skills as she starts pre-k. So we were pumped to partner with Mr. Gatti’s this past weekend for a night of family fun!

For my local mom’s, we went to the Range Ave. location in Denham Springs and we could not have had a more pleasant experience. From the moment we entered the door we were greeted with the best customer service and the friendliest staff I’ve ever met. We even got to have a touching conversation with the manager about their location and how they rebounded from the 2016 flood. As we looked for a little R&R from our Back-to-School mania we got to hear how this  Mr. Gatti’s provided that same, much needed, respit for a recovering community. When they opened their doors for the first time after the “1,000 Year” storm, families were lined up to the parking lot waiting to finally relax and get back to having fun. I just wanted to mention that anecdote because it was really the perfect example of the kind of family oriented vibe you’ll feel there.

On top of the family-friendly atmosphere, the food is delicious! I’ve always been obsessed with the sweet flavored sauce Mr. Gatti’s uses and their dessert pizzas are to die for! Everytime we went back up to the buffet the cooks would run to make sure there was enough cinnamon pizza for Jamy! I think he left there feeling like he was hot stuff. When in reality, they’re just always on top of their buffet selections. Haha. Don’t tell Jamy, though.

Finally, once we were done eating, we made it to the kid’s favorite part; the game room! It was stocked with skee ball, racing games and crane machines. And when we had used up all of the credits on our game cards, the kids got to trade in their points for a ton of prizes! Holland left with a new princess tea set and Hudson got some sticky wall climbers. All and all it was an amazing way to spend the evening with the entire family. And not having to cook was a major plus in my book!

So if you’re looking for a little break from the Back-to-School madness then find your nearest Mr. Gatti’s location HERE. Your kids will thank you for it and I know you’ll end up having a blast as well!

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  1. I was King of the Cinnamon Pizza and you can't tell me otherwise!!! I could literally eat their cinnamon pizza 24/7.