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Where I've been + Pregnancy Update

10:38:00 PM

Yes, you read that right! If you don't follow me on Instagram or know me in real life you probably missed the big announcement that we have baby #3 coming this February! (Due, Exactly 2 days after Holland's fourth birthday)


So, It's been a lifetime since I've posted to the blog and I wanted to drop in and give you a life update to explain my absence and give a little insight into the pregnancy.

I'll get the boring stuff out of the way first: We STILL haven't found a house. And we are STILL living at my mom's. When we nixed the building plans this summer, we had no idea  the house hunt would be this difficult. The market seems to be at an all time high. And since Jamy is a real estate appraiser his insight on home values has knocked a lot of potential homes from the "That's Pretty" list to the "Bad Investment" list. And here we sit.... Just waiting for something reasonably priced and big enough to come on the market!

Now, for the fun pregnancy stuff. This third one has been far different from the other two. I never experienced morning sickness with the other two. But I was popping Dramamine for two straight months just to cope. (Zofran wasn't doing it for me.) Thankfully last week, the tides changed as I entered the second trimester and I feel SO much better! That is the main reason that I haven't been around here lately. Feeling like crap sort of takes the wind out of your sails. I'm hoping to get things back into full swing for the next few months before #3 arrives!

Another fun thing about the third pregnancy is how much sooner everything seems to happen. My belly popped out almost instantaneously. I already have to pee every few minutes and struggle to sleep at night because of this. I guess, my body just Knows the routine so it's hopping to it quickly.

So far, baby seems healthy at my checkups and things are going well. We'll also find out the gender at our 20 week anatomy scan in October. And no, I don't really have a preference or much of a feeling about what it is.

Finally... the name. We have a few boy names we like but are completely stumped for girl names. We have tried to think of an 'H' name we like that isn't too popular or too out there. And I also want the middle name to be Rose, so we have to find something that flows with that.

I'll be taking suggestions in the comment section!


And before I go, I wanted to share a few of my favorite things that have been helping me survive the last few months!(Click on the images to shop!)

That's it for now! I'll be back sooner than later, I promise!

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  1. Congrats! Glad to hear you're finally feeling better!

    H names.. first to come to mind was Helena (Helena Rose would be lovely!), but perhaps not modern enough to "fit" with Hudson and Holland. Harlow? Harlow Rose? (Not sure about the flow on that one..) Might be too unusual, but Harbor perhaps? Harbor Rose sounds modern, nautical, and stunning!