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Save Time and Stress During the Halloween Rush

6:18:00 PM

This post is sponsored by Red Baron but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Well guys, it finally happened! We own a house! Praise God! We actually closed on it today which is my birthday, so it's safe to say this will be the fanciest birthday present I ever receive. With the chaos of work, school, two kids and pregnancy we're going to take our time moving in as we plan to paint and fix up the house this week and move in over the next weekend or so.

In other exciting news, we have our 20 week anatomy exam this Monday! Which means we'll finally get a better look at our newest babe and find out what the gender is! Which is perfect timing, because I'm ready to start decorating a nursery!

Needless to say... life is busy. In a very good way. So, I'm all about saving time wherever I can.

Which brings me to my partner for today's post, Red Baron!

Halloween has always been in my top two favorite Holidays and when I can I love to go all out as you can see in these pics.

But, some years I just can't deal with the added effort of dressing Jamy and myself up along with the kids. Actually, this Halloween is looking like it will be one of those years. We'll be lucky if we can even get the kids ready in time for trick or treating since it's a school night. Two Halloween's ago we were so pressed for time, poor Holland ended up in an old kitty costume that was so small for her I had to just cut the feet off of it and call it good! 😂

So instead of spending too much time preparing dinner we'll be popping one of these Red Baron Brick Oven Pizzas into the oven and having a spooky pizza night! And hopefully we'll be able to avoid any future costume war stories!

Speaking of costumes, I would love to know what you and/your kids are going as this year? Let me know in the comments. And don't forget, to check out Red Baron to help with the Halloween Rush!

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