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Creating Christmas Traditions

11:03:00 PM

Hey Hey! How did you survive the shopping madness? I did my best not to spend too much money, but I did snatch a crib for the new baby and some half off clothes for the kids. Every black Friday, I wish I had saved up a little bit more to really knock out all of my Christmas Shopping. And every year, I fail. Haha. Thank goodness for Amazon Prime. I'll just be doing my Christmas shopping from the couch again, this year!

I did however get to knock one thing off of my bucket list that I always wanted to do! And that was chopping down my very own Christmas Tree. Well, watching my husband and son chop down my very own Christmas tree.

I grew up in a pretty small family. I literally had no first cousins to speak of and all of my extended family was stationed miles away. Christmas was small most years as well without much fanfare. Not to say it wasn't fun and filled with the people I loved. But, I've found that the older I get, I just want to create something different for my own family. For starters, I'm grateful to have three sweet children with a growing group of cousins and family members to grow up with. But, I'm also really invested in the idea of creating traditions for my kids.

With that said, I am super excited to turn this tree hunting expedition in to a new tradition. We left church Sunday and made the 40 minute trek to Ethel, Louisiana to visit the Windy Hills Tree Farm. The drive was easy and in spite of a bit of rain right when we were taking this picture, we still had a blast! With a handful of other families pacing through mazes of evergreens and stopping for photos before picking out their favorite tree. The trees ranged in size, price and species so there was plenty to choose from. We grabbed a saw from the workers and Jamy and Hudson set to work. Within a few minutes the staff had the tree wrapped up and tied to our car while we went inside their quaint little shed for popcorn and treats. We even made it back in town just in time for lunch!

I was a bit worried that the drive would take the fun out of it for the little ones, but we played lots of word games and they enjoyed every minute. I'm thinking next year, it would be fun to bring our favorite Christmas movie to watch on the drive home!

I have some video clips to go along with these pics that I hope to get around to editing this week. But, until then, I definitely encourage you to see how far your nearest tree farm is and give it a try with your little ones!

What's your favorite Christmas tradition?

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