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Birthdays; New and Old With Legacybox

6:03:00 PM

This post is sponsored by Legacybox but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. 

One thing I missed putting on the blog during my pregnancy, was the fact that Holland turned four this February! But, since little sister came two days after Holland's birthday we had to put off any major celebrations for a while. One month to be exact.

Holland hasn't had a real, well planned birthday party since she was one. So last year when she was old enough to notice her brother and friends had these big fun gatherings, I promised her one of her own for year four! Can you imagine asking a four year old to wait an extra month after waiting patiently for an entire year! Thankfully, we had some fun distractions to pass the time. (Other than her new sister.)

I've always loved planning birthday parties. I think my favorite one from my own childhood was a tea party where my friends and I all dressed in old prom dresses from the thrift store. We thought we were super fancy! So, as Holland and I started planning out her big bash I thought it would be fun to look back on some of my favorite parties, for inspiration. Plus, the kids always get a kick out of seeing mommy and daddy when we were younger.

I had my mom grab all of our old VHS tapes from her house, so I could send them to Legacybox for converting. And I'm so very glad that I did. I chose to mail in every tape I could find that said "Brittany Birthday" plus a few other family memories and milestones.

It was so precious to see old loved ones again. And to see just how similar my children and I are. Down to the very same jokes and facial expressions. Holland especially got a kick out of seeing that I loved all of the same toys that she does. Princesses and baby dolls! 😂

The process of updating our old tapes was super easy! After ordering a kit online, Legacybox took care of absolutely everything. A prepaid shipping box showed up on our doorstep, with simple instructions and all of the labels needed to organize my tapes. (It was actually really funny to watch Holland open up the original package just to find an empty box inside.)

We labeled each of our tapes and slides with unique barcoded stickers and packed them back in the box. We attached the new pre paid shipping label and dropped it off at the UPS store. Way faster than I was expecting I got the box back with all of my original tapes + new dvds and a thumbdrive making it super easy to watch our old videos anywhere.

We had a blast going down memory lane. And Holland eventually got her big birthday bash too!

Holland and I highly recommend you indulge in some nostalgia of your own with Legacybox! And you can get 40% off if you go to their site now and use the code "CHERISH"! That's a deal you can't beat.

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