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Look at this sweet baby y'all! She's been growing fast and turning into a little chubs. Which I love. It occurred to me, that since my original baby registry blog post is my most trafficked post, that it might be fun to update you all with the things I've really been loving these first three months!

This list is obviously less comprehensive and doesn't include the basics like a favorite car seat or diaper pale. Its simply the things that probably aren't considered necessities but have been adding major value and ease to our lives. So just keep scrolling to check it out.

P.S. this is what I wore for Mother's Day this year. And you can grab the whole look HERE:

Now onto the baby stuff! First off; you can shop any of these pieces by clicking directly on their pictures.

THE HAAKAA SILICONE BREAST PUMP: I love love love this thing and here is why. I've nursed all of my kids. But have never been able to successfully pump and get a good storage built up. Since I've never worked during the periods that I nursed I was able to always nurse on demand. So there was rarely an occasion where I had excess milk in my milk ducts that needed to be expressed. At least not badly enough to get out the breast pump and deal with all of that non sense. That meant I never had much milk in the freezer for babysitters.

Now, when my milk ducts are most full (usually when I wake up in the morning), I will put the haakaa on one side while Helena nurses on the other. It usually catches anywhere between 1-3 oz. of let down. Then I put it in a storage bag and either pop it in the freezer or in the refrigerator if I chose to add more to it the next morning.

NANOBEBE MILK STORAGE: I just love these bags because they lay so neatly flat in their container. Plus the company claims that this shape allows faster thawing, which can potentially save nutrients from being lost due to over heating.

CAR SEAT NURSING COVER: I with these car seat covers had been around when the other two were infants! They're the best at keeping newborns concealed from the outside world. And they double as a perfect nursing cover.

NOSE FRIDA: This isn't anything new. If you have kids you're probably familiar with it already. But, yes.. this is the best aspirator on the block. And no you won't get boogers in your mouth!

DOCK A TOT: I've said it before and I'll say it again, the dock a tot isn't cheap. So don't feel like you need this as a miracle worker. But, if it is in your budget, then the convenience it provides is amazing! Until the kid can sit up on their own you'll need a safe place in basically every room of your house to put them down while you do chores, help with another kid... use the bathroom! And that's what I love this for. Having to pick up a bouncer or swing and carry it from one room to another is annoying. This is so lightweight but comfy and effective. It's literally the perfect place to dock your tot when you need to put her down. It's also a great spot for them to snooze when necessary.

THE BABY SHUSHER: We've always been big on sound machines. But you can't beat portability. And for some reason Helena seems to be soothed by a SSHHHing sound far more than our other kids did!

ZIPPER SWADDLE / SWADDLE PODS: I just love these for little ones because I find they stay in place better than a traditional blanket or velcro options.

BINXY BABY HAMMOCK: this thing is really genius. So right when I became a mom, I think was the same time that people started discovering how unsafe it was to put your car seat in the kid seat of a shopping cart. So I've spent years shopping with the car seat In the cart taking up all of the room I really need for groceries. This thing will easily and securely hold your baby or her car seat on your cart while leaving room underneath her for your groceries. I love it!

So, that's it! Those are my must haves for the first three months. And I'll try to make more of these lists as we transition into different stages with Helena. What made your life easier in the first three months?! Let me know in the comments! OR shoot me a DM on my Insta!

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