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This post is sponsored by Summer's Eve®  but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.
There are so many tricks of the trade that you learn as soon as you start getting your period. Like... no white jeans, how to hide a tampon when you're heading to the bathroom or even how to deal with menstrual breakouts. So, today, I'm going to be sharing a few of my favorite tricks.

If you've had children or are familiar with the post partum life, you probably know that getting back into your menstrual cycle is not fun and it can pop up in unexpected times. Not to mention that your post partum cycle can be quite different from the one you've been experiencing your whole life. Cramps and flow might be stronger. Odors may be different. The list goes on. So after having Helena, I'm having to revisit some of my tried and true period habits while also establishing some new ones.
One of my favorite ways to deal with period pain has always been yoga. Most of the moves that will bring menstrual relief are extremely easy and require no previous experience. Also, it doesn't hurt that doing a few minutes of yoga is likely to help with hormonal mood shifts. You can check out a list of some here.
I'm honestly really excited to try out menstrual cups this time around for multiple reasons. They save money and waste. They can stay in place longer than tampons. And there have been claims that some women experience less cramping using cups than traditional tampons. I'm planning to try one with my next cycle and will report back if I notice any differences.
I remember when I first realized that buying cute panties was a thing. I was obsessed with anything pink or glittery (oh how times have changed). But, as I got older I quickly realized just how important fabric choices were when it came to my 'lady business'. Man made fabrics which you often find are the cute stretchy/silky panties do.not.breathe. And air flow is a HUGE help when it comes to keeping things down there healthy and preventing unwanted odor. This is the same reason I like to use all organic cotton liners when necessary.
Speaking of ::odor:: (Did you just cringe a little bit?) Summer's Eve® has a new line of Fresh Cycle™. This is their first line that is specifically targeted for your time of the month. And It's been clinically proven to reduce odor by removing odor-causing bacteria. The products I've been loving are the FreshCycle™ No-rinse Cleansing Foam and the FreshCycle™ Flushable Cleansing Cloths (Refer to product label for full flushability instructions).They both get things feeling (and smelling) fresh down there!

When you're at home, you can get at least 60 pumps  of the foam (When used as directed) by simply applying it to toilet paper and wiping . Or if you're looking for convenience the wipes are perfect whether you're at home or on the go.
And there you have it! My top tricks of the period trade that you never knew you wanted! Haha. Seriously though. It's something that almost all of us deal with so why not share a little insight when you have it.

Now, don't forget, when your next period comes around you can grab your Summer's Eve
® Fresh Cycleproducts from Target and you can even save with the carthwheel app!

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