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Hello From Isolation

1:03:00 PM

Things are different. And hard to process.

I saw a tweet the other day where the writer was praising his friends with anxiety disorders for handling the pandemic so well. And I totally saw myself in that. We anxious people have been mentally preparing for this exact situation for years. Every sneeze has always been the beginning signs of catastrophic illness. There's nothing new there. 😂

What is new and unsettling is the isolation. I've always marveled at friends who parent without their family nearby. How do you survive life with littles when you can't call your mom to just come over for a bit of relief? Well..... I am surviving, but knowing I don't have the option to call in reinforcements makes me feel especially trapped and alone.

In every obstacle we face there is faith that God can use it for good. We see that in the story of Joseph and ultimately in the Cross. And while it's hard to reconcile this immense loss of life with a silver lining, we have to admit that there is one. The earth is resting right now. This is the pinnacle of Sabbath in our modern world. Pollution levels have lowered immensely in some of the worlds busiest areas. Overworked parents are sitting down to nightly meals with their family. We are being forced to rely on God. To talk to him. And cry out to him for help.

Hopefully when this is all over we will be more appreciative of our lives, our jobs, our families and of how fortunate we are to be living in a first world country. In my lifetime, I've never felt America so divided as it has been this year and my prayer is that the fallout from COVID-19 will put our politics into better perspective.

My hope is that this will be a reset button for all of us.

Last night I felt the weight of all of this so heavy on me. So I thought I would link a few different resources I've found, in case you are in the same boat as me.

Lunch time Doodling with Mo Willems

Home Safari with the Cincinnati Zoo

Virtual Kids Fitness (with an amazing woman I get to call a friend)

Story Time read by Fav  Celebs

Go Noodle (Just fun songs and excercise!)

FOR THE BIG KIDS (I.e. You and Me)
How to Talk to Kids About the Virus

A Christian Meditation Podcast (This is a favorite of mine for times when I feel stressed)

The Bible Recap (Easy bite sized installments to help you read the entire bible in a year. Another favorite of mine! and a great way to spend extra free time you may have)

Free Content from the Calm App

Work Out on Insta Live with Allie Nunez (Another dear friend of mine who is using her athletic ability to minister. She will be hosting Live workouts on Instagram at 2:00 MST. You just need 10 lb weights and some water!)

Talk Space Facebook Support Group

If you have others please send them my way! And of Course if you don't have a way to worship on Sunday or to participate in Lenten studies you can always check out my church's livestreams or study content in their app

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